Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Rita - Pattern of the week & pattern shops

Good morning from a cold, windy, grey Exmoor.

I've just set up my £2 pattern of the week to help brighten your day.
This week its Rita.
I've decided to use a code so it becomes a special treat for all my followers, friends and fans, as you can see from the photo below Rita's code is Ritaweek2.
Just go to my Ravelry store, add Rita to your basket, add the code at checkout and Rita will be yours for £2.


I've been doing a bit of pattern shop analysis this week and have noticed some very interesting trends,
Etsy sales are down by quite a big percentage, Ravelry sales are up and so are Love Knitting, so sales are actually up rather than down :-)
I've closed my Craftsy pattern shop as sales have dropped and Craftsy don't deal with the Vat.
But would like more information before I decide what to do with Etsy.

So I'd really love to hear from you as to where you buy your crochet/knitting patterns and why.
Please comment on this post, hopefully it will give me a little more insight

love Amanda


  1. I only ever had one crochet pattern on Etsy - which sold 1 copy - but I have removed it now. I don't really understand the VAT issue and whether it would have any affect on me but I don't want to take any risks.

  2. I always buy on ravelry because I know that all my patterns are in one place and searchable.

  3. I buy only from Ravelry because all the patterns I get will be stored in my library. It is a secure place to keep them, should my PC crash... or the pattern on my PC accidentally gets deleted. I don't know about others, but that is why I buy only from Ravelry. :-)

  4. I bought it yesterday and love all your patterns! What a talent you have! Cannot wait to give it a try and learn from the best.

  5. As others have said, Ravelry stores all your patterns in your own library so they don't need to be backed up in case of PC crash. Rav deals with the VAT now, and what's more useful than a searchable library?