Recommended Yarns

I am a yarn snob and only use natural fibres, my favourites are wool, alpaca and silk.
However occasionally I use a yarn with a small nylon content, but no more than 25%.
I prefer hand dyed yarns due to the fact that each skein is individual and contains slightly different shades of the same colour, giving the blankets a beautiful depth, detail and slight variation of colour.
However I appreciate that not everyone is able to afford hand dyed, so I have tested a few of the more affordable yarns that are suitable, as long as the meterage/tension is the same you should be able to substitute yarns.

The two yarn weights I use for my designs are....
4 ply/fingering - 360/400 metres per 100 gms
DK - 240/260 metre's per 100 gms

Below is a list yarn's that I work with and have tested, they all work well together and I can thoroughly recommend them.

Skein Queen - On-line shop + Yarn Shows
4 Ply/fingering - Selkino, Lustrous, Luminosity, Voluptuous Skinny, Oasis Grande
DK -  Voluptuous, Oosie
John Arbon Textiles - My local mill + On-line shop + Yarn Shows + Stockists
4 Ply/fingering - Exmoor Sock, Harvest Hues,   
4 Ply/sport - Alpaca Supreme 4 ply,
DK - Knit by Numbers, Viola
The Little Grey Sheep - On-line shop + Yarn Shows
4 Ply/fingering - Stein, 4 Ply/sport - Gotland 4 Ply, 
DK - Gotland DK


4 Ply/fingering -Vivacious 4 ply 
4 Ply/sport - Scrumptious 4 ply
DK - Scrumptious DK, Vivacious DK
4 Ply/fingering - Heritage Silk, Cascade 220 Fingering,
DK - Cascade 220 Sport
4 Ply/sport - Alpaca
4 Ply/fingering - Palette Yarn,
DK -  Wool of the Andes
King Cole
4 Ply/fingering - Merino Blend 4ply,
DK - Merino Blend DK
Yarn Stories 
DK - Merino DK, Merino/Baby Alpaca DK


  1. I am wondering why you haven't listed Eden Cottage Yarns (rhetorical question). The quality is amazing (baby alpaka, BFL, silk, hardly any nylon, ...) and so are the colours; she also hand-dyes; AND it is ethically sourced/processed. The yarn has its price, of course, but it is so worth it. --- I am not sponsored by ECY, I am just a yarn lover and enthusiast crocheter. :) Ingeborg

    1. I have only listed the yarns I have experience of using and I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of using Eden Cottage, maybe one day......:-)

  2. Any recommendations on yarn we can find in Australia? I love your blankets

  3. Thank you so much for recommending the best yarns to use. I only started Crocheting this year and find this information very useful. Some wool I have used splits so easily and is too fluffy.