About Me

My name is Amanda Perkins and I am an obsessive crocheter who needs to sell patterns to justify buying more yarn.

Crochet is part of my being - for me it is like breathing.  
I spend most of my waking life with a hook in my hand and a head full of designs.

I love to experiment with colour and shape, so I design crochet blankets.  
Blankets give me a large canvas to play with and therefore provide endless possibilities to develop my designs.

My aim is to produce new and innovative designs that excite and inspire you.   
All of them are made using simple crochet techniques and should be do-able for everyone from ambitious beginners to experts.  
I believe crochet should be fun and stress free and, as long as you understand why they were made in the first place, rules are made to be broken!

My patterns include written and charted motif instructions, together with detailed colour charts and keys which explain clearly which colours and combinations to use.   
If you can make a granny square and can follow ‘paint by numbers’ instructions you should be able to make my blankets.

I am lucky to live my dream life, high on a Exmoor hill, overlooking the sea.
In front of me is the sea and behind me the wild and windy moor.
I live with a Maine Coon cat, a German Shepard, a small rat monkey Lurcher and my Phil who I have been happily married to for ever and together we have 3 gifted adult children, that we sent off into the world to do amazing things.

The other love in my life is driving, I have 2 old, broken cars that I cherish and love to drive - a Land Rover Discovery TD5 (the Beast) and a Japanese import MX5 (the Zoom).
Unfortunately the Zoom is very broken and patiently waiting for the day that I can afford to pay for a complete engine overhaul, so I thunder around the moor in the Beast looking for mud to play with instead.


  1. Hello Amanda,
    I just found your pattern for the Angel Crochet Scarf. i am contemplating purchasing it via your website. I live in the U.S. however, and I wonder if you have any advice on what comparable yarn I could use?
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Amanda! You don't know me...but I have just spent literally hours on Ravelry plus your blog and I just want to say keep up the fabulous designing. I am convinced that NOBODY has an eye for crochet - design as well as color - as you do. I am so thoroughly through with all this silly searching and searching, every road leads me back to your designs. Most crochet looks old fashioned and actually kind of pathetic. I'm no youngster...but I really don't want to emulate what my mom and grandma did.

    I've known about you for awhile (since the awesome summer CAL) (oh wow and Sagittarius is amazing) but today, after all that research, it's so clear...no more time wasting, I'll just head for your designs.

  3. I've bought your book! :-) Nothing more needs to be said. xoxoxox