Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Yarndale and beyond......

I would say we've just got back from Yarndale, but we actually got back 7 day's ago.
Dais and I had most of last week off, I was in the bed with the flu and she was suffering with the bad cold version of my flu.
So yesterday (Monday) was our first proper day back at work.

I've been photographing all the left over yarn, there is no where near as much as I'd expected.
We always dye at least double the amount of yarn we think we will sell for a show, as there is nothing worse than an empty stand.
Over the course of this summer we have held back some show stock for the next shows and so the website has seemed very empty at times.
I thought I would be able to fill it up with the Yarndale stock and just dye small amounts as and when we needed to.
However this has not been the case, we sold ALL the kits, plus an awful lot of wool!
So this means we need to do lots of dyeing and re-stocking our website.

I've just updated the site with Primavera 260, which is the yarn used for the Kissing Circles Blanket

And I've updated our Godiva Silk 4 ply, as we have a stunning new knitted cardi pattern in Godiva Silk, its called Beatrice.

Anyway back to Yarndale, we had a brilliant time at the show, met up with lots of our woolly friends
And yet again I had some of my lovely Kaleidoscope ladies coming to show me their blankets, they are all slightly different and all amazing and I LOVE seeing them!!

Karen and Denise

And Hilona all the way from The Netherlands

And Denise again with her absolutely amazing king sized Lily.
I would love to be able to make blankets this size, but unfortunately there just isn't enough time or room on the stand.