Thursday 23 November 2017

Dear Followers & new blog

You may wonder where I have been for such a long time, let me assure you I've been here.

Unfortunately I've had a serious sign in problem and haven't been able to access my blog for several weeks, however I was able to access someone else's.
As you can imagine its been a nightmare, especially has Google has no interest, no customer service and no phone number or e-mail address.
But as you can see I've finally managed to access my account.

However in the meantime I've opened a shiny all singing, all dancing website and I love it :-)
It's got a blog attached and a mailing list.
The site still needs a lot of work, but the basics are there, it has everything I need and I'm really enjoying building it.

So here it is

From now on all my blog posts will be on my new blog, I've already started blogging and you can find information about the new Ravelry GAl I'm taking part in.

If you want to carry on following me you can find a "Join mailing list" form on the homepage

I look forward to you joining me in my new website home
love Amanda