Tuesday 30 July 2013

Madder Triangles July 2013 update

I thought you might like a book update, I'm really hoping to have it published at the end of August.
I've had to abandon the star section as I was never going to have enough time to crochet and design a new blanket and scarf, so the book is down to 8 designs, the star's will have to be in next year's book, although I will publish Florence as a single pattern and maybe another one before next year's book comes out.


Lecchi Blanket - Finished

Plankton Scarf  - WIP
It looks very wobbly as the centre section is blocked.


The Rising Sun - Finished

Isabella Scarf - Finished


Spyro Blanket - Finished

Firefly Wrap - wip
I started Firefly on Sunday while watching Lewis Hamilton win his first F1 race of the year - I love Lewis.
These 3 photo's illustrate 3 day's worth of designing, the first is unblocked, the second blocked and the third after I had designed a new filler, which I hope works as well when its blocked.


Icarus Shawl - Finished 

Serefina Shawl - Finished

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  1. Helen aka Karmastitch30 July 2013 at 09:39

    All absolutely stunning!! So much hard work and wonderful colour schemes!! Looking forward to the book Amanda x