Thursday, 25 July 2013

Happiness & playing like a tourist.

Like everywhere else in the UK it unbelievably hot here on Exmoor.
After last years rain its a welcome change to actually have a proper summer.
Lynton & Lynmouth are both really popular tourist places, it makes the whole area a really happy one, people come here to relax and enjoy themselves, its hard not to join in and enjoy it with them.
So last saturday I went on a boat trip with my girly friends and Tinks, all our men spend their weekends kayaking, fishing and playing at the allotment, so we thought it was time for us to stop working for a few hours and relax.
The boat goes from Lynmouth harbour along the coast for a few miles, past The Valley of Rocks and up to Lee Bay.
It was amazing and wonderful to see my home from the sea.
I didn't take many photo's as I was too busy enjoying the scenery, but thats ok because the view is 5 mins away from my front door and I can go again any time I feel like it.

My sea dog on her first trip, its not a very good photo, but you can see Lynmouth in the background, so I thought it was nice to include it.

And on Sunday it was the annual Lynmouth raft race, which is brilliant fun.
The raft's parade along the village street down to the harbour wall, then launched from the slipway, they make their way out of the harbour and up the Lyn river to the footbridge over the river.

Photo courtesy of Miles Trevelyan-Johnson

The race is to a buoy just outside the harbour wall and back, some of the rafts make it, so of the competitors take it very seriously, some just join in for fun including the Wayward Women ( Daisy and her house mates :-)

Photo courtesy of Miles Trevelyan-Johnson

For the entire duration of the race spectators line the beach, harbour wall and road throwing flour and water bombs.

I stupidly went to collect Daisy's shoes from her when she was on the raft parade and ended very wet and slightly floury.
Its made me think maybe next year I'll be part of the team, in fact I might of mentioned it to Dais and Jill her landlady, I suspect they might not let me forget :-)

And finally for those of you who used to read the old blog and remember the trauma's we suffered and Daisy's heartbreaking history
Here's an update photo - I'll let you make up your own minds as to what it mean's, but I will say life is so much happier here on Exmoor.

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