Saturday, 12 January 2013

Spare a thought for Verity

I'm sitting here on my nice snuggly sofa crocheting in front of the fire.
From where I sit I can see the top of Summer House Hill, its not very summery today, its cold and bleak with horizontal rain, we have snow forecast so its going to be even bleaker soon.

The bleak coldness reminds me of the day we went to see Verity a couple of weeks ago, I meant to blog some photo's at the time, but then Ted got ill and died and I forgot.
But I've remembered now so here is the blog post.......

Verity is a 65 foot bronze Damien Hirst sculpture, she was stands at the entrance of Illfracombe harbour.
She was erected last October and we have been meaning to go and see her ever since.
We finally found the time just after Christmas when all our babies were here.
It was a bitterly cold bleak day, the sea was boiling, Verity must of been freezing, but I'm sure she's a lot colder today.

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  1. Nice to see some of my photos made it. Still not sure what to think of her.