Friday, 4 January 2013

Crochet distraction

We are whiling away the hours until the dreaded vet visit this afternoon.
Ted hasn't really improved although he did eat a piece of ham he has refused all other food.
To distract myself I thought I would share my latest blanket.

 I've had a very crochetless couple of weeks.
Before christmas I had flu, then after the flu the babies came and I couldn't concentrate on anything, so only did a few motifs here and there.
When they went I managed to make the whole scarf for the triangle scarf club.
Then our woolly friends arrived and I only managed to do a few more motifs.
Last night I settled back down to do some serious crochet, trouble is the christmas blanket I had been playing with looked dull and uninspiring.
So this morning I took photo's.

I think the artificial light is muting the colours and they don't excite me at night when we have the light turned on.
They look a lot better in day light.

It doesn't have a name yet and is only in its very early stages. It's made with Dazzle Aran, I want it to be quick and easy to make. It is the replacement for the triangles blanket, I've had a few false starts and a lot of frogging to do, but I finally think I am happy with it.


  1. So sorry about your dog...I KNOW how it feels.

  2. So sorry you are starting the year with a loss. I have just found your website and think the yarns and design are amazing.