Friday, 11 January 2013

Orange Triangle Obsession

I promised a post about orange triangles yesterday, so here it is.

I am struggling with an orange triangle obsession, at the moment they are the only thing I want to make.
My first orange triangle's design was Lecchi that I also blogged about yesterday.
Here it is in case you missed it.

I finished Lecchi and immediately started on a new blanket, which at the moment is still secret so I can only show you tiny detail shots.
This new blanket started off with a Withypool/Woody Bay background.
It doesn't look too bad in the photo below, but this is the centre and the further out it went the worse it got.

I kept crocheting even though I wasn't 100% happy and eventually decided that I hated it so much I had to frog it, so I did and replaced all the Withypool/Woody Bay background. with Lundy (orange).
As a result I was a million times happier :-)
And I'm extra happy with the finished piece.

Number 3 design of my orange triangle obsession was frogged.
It was going to be an aran blanket, I tried sooooo hard not to use orange triangles, I wasn't happy so I kept frogging. Eventually the wool looked Like I had used it to clean the floor with and I still hated the blanket.
So I binned it all.
Sometimes things just don't work and I have found its better to bin and walk away than keep frustrating myself further. I hate doing it, but it always makes me feel better when the binning process is done and dusted.

I started crocheting number 4 design last night.
Its made with Dazzling lace, I didn't think I had a Lundy so thought I was safe with an slightly orange/gold instead.
But today I discovered some Lundy Dazzling Lace in stock that I didn't realise we had, so I'm taking a skein home with me. I'm kind of hoping it will be too bright so I can't use it..
The design will be a ripple scarf, sorry the photo is a bit rubbish, it was taken with my phone this morning.

The other thing all these orange triangles have in common is that they are the same motif, its very simple and plain.
But is perfect for colour experiments, but I'll tell you more about those another day.....maybe tomorrow......

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