Monday, 10 October 2016


I've had a website in some form or another since the early days of the internet in 1999.
All of them self built, I'm very proud of the fact that my new years resolution for 2000 was to build my own site and I achieved my goal 3 months early :-)
A lot has changed since 1999, I've used 4 different site providers, which have developed and become far more sophisticated since 1999, I remember having to contact the first site provider every time I edited, as they were the ones who published the pages.

My latest site was built in a hurry, due to the fact I had a big article written about me in Landscape magazine. The article was due to come out in April 2016, but was actually published a couple of months earlier. I wasn't informed of this until 2 weeks before the due date and so ended up panic building.
Ever since then I have been far too busy to find the time to finish it and tidy it up.
But now Yarndale is over, my book is published and I'm in a lull between finishing and writing blanket patterns. I finally have the time, which is a good thing because the site is the only one mentioned on all my marketing material.
The site still isn't completely finished, I still need to add the blankets, samples and Fybespates yarn to my Etsy shop, which is my main storefront at the moment.
When I have a bit more time I'll add a website shop to the site and move everything over to it, but for the time being its ok and I'm fairly happy with the way it works and looks.

What do you think?
(click on the photo below to take you to the site)

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  1. The website looks good! Very colorful.
    Marjolein Flick