Monday, 7 March 2016


This post is a test post.
I post a daily photo diary via Instagram, I try and post at least one photo a day.
By the time I get round to my weekly blog post I've forgotten what I've done in the week and sometimes struggle to find a topic.
I've always thought it would be lovely to be able to blog my daily photos as most of them document my design processes and the making of my blankets.
I've had the blogger app on my phone for ages, but never used it, but over the weekend had a thought that maybe I could use it to do a daily blog post.
So here's my test run.....

The text that goes with the above photo is as follows....

YAY - my Perseids crochet scarf is finished and I've started playing with my next blanket.
So far, so good I love the colours and fingers crossed the design will work 😃

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  1. Hi Amanda. Just to say I like the idea of a daily blog post as I always forget to look at Instagram. Nice to see your process.