Thursday, 24 March 2016

Operation Sea Slug - The Foreland

I'm still walking with Phil everyday or rather still staggering along behind him trying to catch up. Some nights I really don't enjoy it, such as tonight when it was wet & cold & dark. 
But some walks make up for the cold, dark, wet ones, such as last Sunday's walk.
We went up to the top of Countisbury Hill, overlooking the Foreland, it's one of my favourite places as the views are always amazing even when it's raining. 
It's also one of my favourite blanket shoot locations.
On Sunday it was bathed in soft late afternoon light.

Looking east towards Porlock and beyond, if you look closely you can see the moon rising.

Looking north across the Severn Sea (Bristol Channel) towards Wales.

And looking south towards the moor.

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