Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Harlequin Crochet Blanket - Pattern of the week 8

I have got a big Unravel blog post in the pipelines which I was hoping to publish today, but time has run away with me this morning, too busy doing book stuff and post show chaos, so today's post is short and sweet and just about my Pattern of the Week.
Which is my Harlequin blanket.

Harlequin was designed and made last summer, as a Thank You to my lovely friend's and yarn enabler's John Arbon Textiles.
It's made with John's Knit by Number's DK which you can find HERE
The yarn is 100% merino, super soft and crochet's like butter :-)
You can find the pattern HERE, don't forget to add the discount code in the photo at checkout so you can buy it at the special £2 price.
(Incidently the small pointy dog in the photo is my monkey showing off her whippet heritage on the windy moor)


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