Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Amanda's crochet blanket news

As I promised yesterday I'm back with the second blog post this week :-)
I have several pieces of news to tell you

1 - I've decided to sell some of my samples.
I've always kept my blankets so I can exhibit them at shows, some of them will be making their final appearance's at the Unravel show in Farnham in 2 weeks time (more about it below)
My house is beginning to be over run with crochet blankets so it seems unfair not to share them.
They are expensive due to the time taken to make them and the materials used, also I don't really want to part with them, (so its ok if they don't sell).
But if you are interested in buying a particular blanket please send me a e-mail HERE and I will send you the details.

2 - And I've finally started to build a website
Which you can find here
Its in the very early stages and I've got lots more building to do, but its a start.
I had meant to build a site when I closed NDS last April, but I have discovered that my designer "to do" list is a lot longer than I imagined.
So please go and have a look and remember to add it to your favourites because in time it will have lots of info pages including pages about colour, yarn and how to use my patterns.

3 - Unravel
I have a big exhibition of my blankets at the Unravel yarn show in Farnham, Surrey in 3 weeks time.
I'm so excited, I've always dreamt of a big white room with my blankets hanging on the walls so I could sit and look at them, I'm really chuffed that Unravel have given me the chance to share my dream with you.
They are being exhibited in the Long Kiln room, where all the talks are due to be held and I will be sitting with them before and after the talks each day.
The patterns will be available as postcards with codes to use in my Ravelry store, so you can download them straight to your Ravelry Library.
I also have the final 5 copy's of Madder Triangles left, which will be on sale, but I'm afraid once their gone, their gone!
You can find the Unravel website HERE

4 - I promised to tell you a bit more about Loki
Who if you don't know is one of the 3 animals I share my life with, he's a 9 year old long haired German Shepard. Over the past few months he has a had a tumour growing on his foot, the vet suggested we leave it until it was bothering him, they did't think it was malignant, but I've always worried.
He had it removed last Thursday, I FB'd a couple of photo's.
The first was taken on Thursday night straight after the op, full of drugs and obviously in pain and the second was taken Friday morning the drugs had worn off and waiting for his breakfast was obviously overriding any pain.
Since then he has had the dressing changed twice and is healing really well, he's back to his old big bouncy self and we are just waiting for the biopsy, hopefully we will all be able to breathe a sigh of relief :-)

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  1. Your work is amazingly beautiful.......I love your gorgeous Loki too, we are GS owners/ dogs in the world. Hope Loki has fully recovered from his op x