Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Summer CAL - Part 2 & 3

Oooops - I was trying to blog at the beginning of each week, but I have slipped a bit.
So there will be 2 blog posts this morning to explain why I have been a bad blogger.

This one is about the Love Crochet Summer CAL

Since the last time I blogged the Summer CAL took over the whole of my life.
I was completely obsessed, spending all my waking time in the CAL Facebook group encouraging and answering questions and as there are nearly 2000 ladies crocheting along it meant an awful lot of questions and encouraging, plus all the e-mails and private messages.
I made the decision to step away, as I have a book to write and other patterns to publish.
So I un-joined the group, but am still trying to check in every day to see how every one is doing and "like" all your beautiful projects.
I'm quite sad about leaving the CAL group as I have always been involved with my customers and like to be able to help in anyway that I can.
And even sadder at the fact that I didn't even say goodbye, but saying good bye would of generated far too many comments and answers that I would struggle to keep up with.
I hope the nearly 2000 ladies will forgive me :-)

Incidentally one of the questions I have noticed while lurking is coming up time and time again, it is "What colour border should be used to join the squares together?"
The answer is there isn't one, the squares should be joined to each other, so the colours flow.
However if you have already started joining with a colour please don't worry, its your blanket and is adding a border makes you happy then its perfectly fine :-)

Since I last blogged 4 more square patterns have been published on the Love Crochet Blog
And here they are.....


Happy Crocheting
love Amanda


  1. txwildflwr@suddenlink.net24 July 2016 at 09:28

    Amanda, I am missing the pattern for the Violet square of this pattern. CAn you help?

    1. Hi

      You can find it on the Love Crochet blog here -

      Best wishes