Monday, 3 August 2015

Love Crochet Summer CAL charts

Second blog post of today :-)

This post is especially for all the lovely ladies who are taking part in the Love Crochet Summer CAL
(Facebook group - HERE)
You can find the yarn packs HERE, but you will need to hurry before they sell out - again.....:-)

There has been much confusion and discussing about the 3 layout's especially layout 1, so I thought I'd post the layout charts here, so you can choose one and be ready and waiting for more information when the first motif pattern is published tomorrow on Love Crochet's blog.

Layout 1 - small, it takes 1 pack of yarn 
(Approx 30 x 30 inches)

Layout 1 - medium, the original layout 2 which takes 2 packs of yarn 
(Approx 45 x 45 inches)

Layout 1 - the biggest, which also takes 2 packs of yarn
 (Approx 55 x 55 inches)

Layout 2 - 1 pack of yarn 
(Approx 40 x 40 inches)

Layout 3 - 1 pack of yarn 
(Approx 40 x 45 inches)


  1. Please could we have a list linking the colour names used in the pattern with the shade numbers shown on the ball bands. Most could be worked out from the pictures but some, such as the greens, could be confused. Thank you.

  2. Thank you. It's very clear. I have translated into centimetres, for we work in metric in Europe.