Monday, 20 July 2015

Photo dithering

As we live in an amazingly beautiful place we go out for a drive most weekends to discover new places on the moor, we normally have a mission.
For the past few weeks we have been on a hunt for elderberry trees, the flowers are out so they are easy to spot, Phil has been picking flowers for wine making, but we are trying to find a place with lots of trees that should have berries later on for later on in the year so Phil can pick them for more wine making.
Sometimes we look for places to just sit and enjoy, sometimes we look for places to do photo shoots in, so sometimes we carry a big bag of blankets and the camera just in case........
I'm really obsessive about finding the perfect blanket photography place and so far we haven't discovered it yet.

This weekend we went to a friend's allotment in a hidden valley to pick gooseberries for more wine making and on the way back home I took a few blanket photo's.
I like to have a good view as a backdrop, random blankets are good draped over a gate, but complex design blankets like Kaleidoscope need to be photographed in their entirety so need to be resting on a bank.
This week we found a couple of interesting gates, which were good for photographing Kissing Kaffe on.
In the first photo the blanket is in shade and too dark, so is going to the discard pile.
The bottom two are a bit better even though you can see the light through the blanket, I think a sheet under the blanket might cure the problem, but I keep forgetting to put one in the car.

I also took the below photograph of the blankets in a pile on the bonnet of the car, I was using it as a place to put the blankets while I took photos of other blankets.
I really like how clear they look on the car and think maybe I should do some more car/blanket photo's, its not very scenic unless you like Land Rover's (which I do), but the colours are almost perfect.
What do you think?
More car photo's with the blankets laid out like page 3 girls?
Or is a completely stupid idea?

And yesterday we went to Robbers Bridge in the Lorna Doone valley and lay in the sun by the river reading our books all afternoon, while the dogs bumbled around playing in the water and chasing butterflies, it was total bliss.



  1. I like the light shining through the blankets. It doesn't detract from the pattern at all but enhances it. The car idea is good as well, although it does tend to remind me of local boot fairs where people drape blankets over their cars to try and keep the interior cool (guilty) Kaffe Fasset draped his quilts over and on buildings and bridges for his Port Meirion quilt book (can't remember the title which is bad as I have the book somewhere) or you could try stringing ropes over tree branches and hanging or pegging the blankets on them. Whichever way, carry on photographing and posting please. I love reading them :)

  2. Gorgeous blankets! I love that first shot on the 5-bar gate with the greenery all around and the blades of grass shining in the sun!