Thursday, 23 July 2015

Love Crochet Summer CAL

Finally I can spill the beans on one of my secret projects :-)
Although they were actually spilt on Tuesday, I just haven't had the time to tell you :-)
The response has been phenomenal and on my part totally unexpected, I started to write this post before the CAL was launched and since then have been answering questions and lovely lovely comments, so haven't found the time to post.

I am really excited and proud to announce that my project/CAL with Love Crochet is live :-)
You can find more details HERE
I have designed 12 individual motifs, the colours for each blends into the colours of the next motif (I hope that makes sense)
Love Crochet will publish 2 of my motif designs each week on their blog for the next 6 weeks so at the end of September you will have all the designs and be able to make a blanket in one of three layouts, the one below is made with 6 motifs of each design.

Clever Love Crochet have produced a yarn pack which contains enough yarn to make the blanket layout pictured below, which happens to be my favourite :-)
You can find the yarn pack HERE
Although it sold out within a few hours of the CAL being launched, LC are working hard to re-stock, so you will need to check back and favourite the page and hopefully next week they will have more packs available.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your motifs

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  1. What beautiful colours! I love the concept of this CAL - I'll be looking out for everyone's projects, I just wish I had time to join properly right now - I bet I end up making some motifs anyway! Hope you enjoy every second of running it! xx