Monday, 8 June 2015

Secrets and colour

Last week was all about pattern writing, this time for the book.
I finally have a book skeleton, its very scary to see it printed out and in a display book, but its also very exciting and beginning to feel real.
I did take a photo of some wool on top of the display book so I could show you, but I must of deleted it off the camera as I can't find it.

I have almost finished Book Blanket no 8 (only 2 more to go :-) and I discovered I had made far too many of these
They are far too pretty to go to the discard pile, so I thought I'd make a new blanket for me to self publish and did a little bit of swatching.
I can't really spend much time developing it further at the moment as I have too many other things to do, but I'm quite happy with the swatch (even though the photo is a bit rubbish)


As I've almost finished no 8, I need some yarn for no 9, so I acquired some Knit by Numbers DK from the John Arbon Textiles shop round the corner.
There are a few colours missing, one of them is the pink, which is being spun shortly, so I'm a bit reluctant to start the blanket without it.

As I've started writing the book, I need to start working on swatches for illustration, I've already finished 2 of the colour wheels, so needed to make the last one, so started playing with the yarn in my colour wheel basket.
And subsequently found another pile of tiny motifs to play with, which ended up with another idea for a blanket I don't have time to make.


This one will incorporate a skein of Easyknits and Skein Queen, which are both saturated colour, but I think will look amazing with the natural colours.
The motifs are going to be tiny, the squares in the photo below are only 2 inches wide, so I will have to make millions for a blanket, so its going to be a very long process.

So I have 2 forbidden blankets, that I shouldn't be working on as I don't have the time, and it was a huge struggle to put them to one side.

But luckily I am easily distracted, and was especially distracted when the yarn arrived for my secret Love Crochet project.


I can't tell you much about the project yet, I've finished half the crochet bit and am going to start writing the patterns to day.
But I can tell you about the yarn and give you the colour numbers so you can start collecting.
The yarn is Lang Baby Cotton,  its a perfect time to buy as its reduced from £4.25 to £3.80
You can find it HERE
The colours are as follows 14 (yellow), 16 (lime), 116 (apple), 74 (jade), 79 (duck egg), 78 (turquoise), 46 (violet), 7 (lilac), 19 (pale barbie), 55 (pink), 128 (soft red), 27 (orange)
The colours don't actually have names, they are only listed as numbers on the site, the names are mine and hopefully will make it easier for you to choose.
Hopefully I'll be able to tell you more about the project next week.

And yesterday I actually took some time off work and we went for a afternoon stroll to Lynmouth for an ice cream.
I have never seen the tide so low, the photo below will give you an idea of how far you needed to walk to get to the sea.
If you click on the photo its should bring up an enlargement, its a panoramic photo which makes the river look wonky, its straight in real life.
If you look carefully at the base of the hill you can just make out the buildings at Lynmouth.


  1. All the yarns you are using are so gorgeous. I have the beginnings of blankets that I've had to leave aside to finish other things. I'm hoping to get back to them soon.

  2. Wow, so many yarns with awesome colours. And very interesting motifs you are doing for this project. cool