Monday, 15 June 2015

Birthday and Cornucopia

Good sunny monday morning - :-)

I'm busy, busy, busy adding yarn to the Etsy shop, plus a million other things, so this is a instagram round up post and photo heavy.

I spent the whole of last week working away in the background on my secret Love Crochet project, which hopefully will be revealed in the next week or so.
 But I do have some non secret photo's to share.
On Tuesday I felt a bit rubbish so went to see Mandy at Amanda Janes cake shop for a cup of tea and photographed her amazing rainbow display cake, decorated by her glamourous assistant Kat.

On Wednesday I played with last weeks swatches and decided that the triangle swatch wasn't working, but the square one was.
I love the mix of chemical and natural colour, it adds a whole new dimension to my work, so I've decided to turn this swatch into a blanket.
I think I'm going to call it Cornucopia, because the colours are very fruity, plus my Dad had a yacht called Cornucopia in the 1980's.
However I have discovered the colours are almost impossible to photograph, so there will probably be a lot of wip photo's to come.
The ones below are almost right.


On Thursday Billy was forced to sit on some plastic bags full of my book blankets because I had been very thoughtless and not left them out for him to sit on.

On Friday Dais and I went for a pre-birthday Exmoor adventure.
She took me to Nutcombe Bottom to see the tallest tree in England.

And to Winsford Hill to see a rock in a shed (the rock is actually the 6th century Caratacus Stone)

Saturday was my birthday, Phil bought me some lucky cat's to add to my collection, one day I will have enough to fill a whole mantelpiece and maybe the luck to go with them.

And then we went on our annual birthday road trip, this year we went to Bude, the weather was appalling, we spent most of the drive in a wet and windy cloud, but we did have a lovely ice cream here on the beach.


And yesterday Phil and Adam and I had a lovely stroll along the Lyn Way for a Sunday lunch at the Cottage Inn, which actually turned out to be a lovely surprise birthday lunch with all our friends (apart from poor Dais who was working).
The Cottage Inn has recently been taken over by Pam and Gary, who used to run the Nartnapa Thai Resturant in Lynton.
If you are in the area and love Thai food the cottage is a must to visit, the whole village missed them like mad when they went home to Thailand to spend Christmas with Pam's family :-)

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  1. Happy birthday! Mine was on the 4th. I love the way your colours are crocheting up together.