Monday, 18 May 2015

Call for Kissing Circle testers

As I mentioned in the previous post I have been editing my Kissing Circles/Kaffe pattern, taking out NDS as the recommended yarn and adding a new yarn, its been a lot more complicated than I thought.
For one thing I wanted to make the pattern easier to understand, its an easy construction method, once you understand how it works, I don't think the original version explains the method very well. So I have completely re-written it.
I still haven't completely finished it as I need to recommend the exact colours of the new yarn which is Cascade 220, preferably the superwash version as it crochets up slightly smaller than the normal un-superwash version.

I want my patterns to be easy to follow, the crochet is simple but the colour placement is complicated.
And before I launch into the very long process of writing my book patterns I want to make sure I am not confusing my readers and that I am producing the best pattern that I possibly can.


 So I decided I would like to have to have it tested and I mentioned I was thinking of calling for testers on Instagram several weeks ago, the response was massive, so many people saying "pick me, pick me".
I have no idea how to pick, who to pick, how many to pick and don't want to disappoint any one, so I have come up with a cunning plan.

My plan is as follows

1 - You buy the pattern I want tested and you test it, you don't have to make the whole blanket, just a small swatch or beginnings of the blanket.
2 - You e-mail me your review, questions, comments, whats missing from the pattern, what you would like explained in more detail etc etc
It needs to be a e-mail rather than a blog/facebook/instgram comment, because of step 3.
You can find the e-mail address on the pattern or send me a e-mail via the contact me link in the side bar here on the blog.
3 - I send you 2 free patterns of your choice as a "Thank you"

I only need feedback on the patterns I have re-edited, at the moment it is only my Kissing Circles/Kaffe pattern, but in time I will work my way through my entire back catalogue, so there will be plenty of testing to do in the future.

You can find the new Kissing Circles/Kaffe pattern on ....

Love Crochet - HERE
Raverly has 2 versions (either version will do)
Kissing Circles - HERE
Kissing Kaffe - HERE
Etsy - HERE

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