Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bank holiday and secrets

You might notice I am a bit quiet on the social networking front.
I've started to tackle my "To Do" list and realised that about 90% of it is secret projects I can't share.
I'm crocheting away in the back ground and it looks like I am doing nothing.
I'm really hoping I can start to reveal my Love Crochet project very soon, its very exciting and I had a eureka moment yesterday where the whole thing transformed into something I was happy and excited about.
Up until then I wasn't sure and considered starting it all over again.

Anyway I can share my bank holiday photo's.
My baby and his partner James came for a short weekend visit and we went on a family picnic to Landacre or Lanacre as it's know by the locals.
We had an amazing day, here are a few photo's :-)

Phil and I started off with the "walk of shame" down the hill to pick up our car's from Lynmouth.
There had been an auction at the Rising Sun to raise funds for the pre-schoolers at our local school.
Phil had driven there straight from work and I had driven the family down, I wasn't too bad, but Phil had had a really messy night and was suffering the morning after :-)
I love this photo, it really sums up the "walk of shame"

Then we drove across the moor to Lanacre and lay int he sun beside the river, basking in the sun.

Oh and yesterday I added some more yarn to Ebay, which you can find HERE


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  1. Oh that looks a lot more scenic than any walk of shame I've ever done! :) Looking forward to the reveals of your secrets xx