Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wedding anniversary & Wonderwool

As you may or may not know we are moving house (again!) in 2 weeks time, so we have been packing all our possessions.
I have 2 big packing trunks full of family treasure, old school reports, my teddy bear, my babies first shoes, our wedding photo album and lots and lots of birthday, valentines and anniversary cards.
While looking through the treasure and reading some of the cards I noticed that several times I had written about the fact we only had X amount of years left before we could have a big party and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.
I didn't necessarily want all the silver gifts I just wanted to celebrate with the people we love.

On the 26th of April  Phil and I will have been happily married for 28 years, we got married in 1986 on the day Chernobyl blew up, although we didn't know it at the time.
We were both young, Phil was 23 and I was 22, looking at the photo below makes me realize how young and innocent we were.
Like any married couple we have had our ups and down's, some very major downs, but we have come through it together and are still best friends, we spend most of our time together, rely on each other, laugh and just enjoy being together.
I am really proud of us, especially as I don't think I have any friends who have been married as long as us.

But we never celebrate our anniversary as we are always working.
Wonderwool is always held over our anniversary weekend, so we are on the stand chatting and selling yarn to our lovely customers.
Although a few years ago Wonderwool were very thoughtful and held the show 2 weeks early, it was the year of our 25th anniversary and so I was really happy.
We didn't have the party as we didn't have the time or money, but we did have a lovely celebration Thai meal with Phil's parents for lunch, the 26th is Phil's mum's birthday so it was a joint celebration. 
But I must of eaten a bad prawn as by mid afternoon I was being very, very sick with food poisoning, I then passed out and had to be taken home to my sofa. I woke mid evening to find poor Phil watching DVD's and eating a frozen pizza. It kind of summed up our life at that time, redundancy, losing the house etc etc etc

I've just been updating the website with this year's show dates and realised that on the big day we will be yet again standing on the stand selling yarn and chatting to our lovely customer's.
I'm seriously thinking of putting up some streamers and drinking champagne all day, but I suspect I'll forget once we start dyeing Wonderwool wool and concentrating on show preparation.

So sadly yet again the mythical party won't be happening....
Maybe for our 30th, but I kind of doubt it, unless Wonderwool has to re-jig their dates again.

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  1. We celebrate our 31st this May. We'll be a Wonderwool, hall 3 I think. I'll have to come and say hello.