Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kaleidoscope Part 1 - January 2014

January's Kaleidoscope was sent out about 2 week's ago.
I was very anxious and excited, I hoped the member's would like it and hoped it was going to live up to all the hype.
But I needn't have worried, its seems like everyone was/is happy.
So I thought I would write this post to show you what my Kaleidoscope Ravelry girls have been up to.

Firstly there are a couple of blog posts to read.

Valerie's - Agrarian Artisan

And Sarah's - Knit along with me

And the project photo's posted on Ravelry.
I had intended to only post a couple, but I don't know how to choose between them, so I've posted everyone who answered my call for photo's.
I think you agree they are all brilliant and I love the way you can see the blanket building.
A big "Thank You" to all for letting me use your photo's.
Incidentally all the names are linked to each relevant Ravelry project, so you can go and read how everyone is getting on.


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  1. That is going to be a beautiful blanket. It's so wonderful looking at everyone's pictures and seeing how far everyone is getting with their club project.