Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Kaleidoscope Club Packages & Weather

The latest news on the Kaleidoscope club is that I've finished January's pattern installment and we've dyed, dried and wound the first batch of yarn.
Its now sitting patiently in the office waiting to be packed and posted.

All the skeins have been re-wound into smaller skeins and it works out that there will be 1 or 2 skeins per member.

Over Christmas and New Year we had lots and lots of new members sign up and so we've had to dye more.

So poor Phil is winding like a maniac.
One of the issues we have with the new colours is that they are darker than the first batch, it doesn't really matter too much as I have used lots of odds and ends, which means there are  lots of different dye lots in my blanket.
So we are going to try and muddle them all up so everyone has a unique combination of colours and will end up with a unique blanket.
Our current plan is to buy a bit of time and to post all the international packages first, which should mean all the members get their yarn around the same time.
I have my fingers crossed that the post to Australia and South Africa is super quick.

Changing the subject completely.
We have had a lot of storms over the past few weeks, living on the coast has been dramatic, especially for Lynmouth at the bottom of the hill.
These photo's were taken on Monday (6/1/2014)

Looking east to Countisbury with the Rhenish tower in the foreground.

Looking west towards the Valley of Rocks with an idiot in a car in the distance.

The above 2 photo's are of the harbour wall, the still water in the foreground is the road as you can see in the photo below.

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  1. wow the bins of color are so exciting!
    The pictures at the bottom are pretty exciting too!