Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crochet Art

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at crochet pictures, I have been know to have a mini rant about seeing the same old designs time and time again.
They have their place in the world,
But I want to see are things that really inspire and excite me, so I thought I'd share some crochet artists with you, maybe they will inspire and excite you too.

The photo's I'm sharing are all on Pinterest, so I hope the artists don't mind.
So in no particular order here are some of my favourites, there are more, but thats for another time.
Please click on the links to see more work from the artist.

Anu Tuominen

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAda


  1. How VERY inspiring!!!
    Thank you for sharing Amanda!
    Hugs from Jo An (Wolhalla)

  2. Great examples of crochet art. I typically profile crochet artists at least once a week on Crochet Concupiscence and you can find them archived there under "crochet artists" in the categories if it's something you want to explore further.