Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ophans and Odd Boy Sale

I've decided to discontinue NDS's Yarn of the Week.

We have about 18 different yarn bases and every week I struggle to work out which one to feature.
Some we only dye occasionally like Precious and Angel DK, they are both occasional sellers, we keep them in the range as we like them, rather than because you want them.
If we are doing a big wholesale dye run we tend to order more than we need of the yarns we are dyeing and dye the extra as retail.
For example we have been dyeing tons of Dazzling wholesale recently, so we have had tons of Dazzling retail.
But we haven't had any Dazzle 4 Ply/sock for wholesale, so we haven't dyed any for retail, so the retail box  is empty.
This limits my choice of Yarn of the Week and I end up featuring the same yarn in week after week.

So I have decided to change it to a Ophans and Odd Boys Sale.

Before I tell you more I will explain that we think of all our skeins as boy's, (even the pink ones :-)
And we dye all our yarn in 500 gm skeins (5 skeins tied together), so there will always be at least 5 skeins of each dye lot.

The orphans are self explanatory, they are the single skeins left over when all their brothers have been sold.
And the Odd Boys are skeins that don't fit in with their brothers.
Sometimes the dye hasn't completely dissolved and 1 skein picks up the excess or sometimes 1 skein hasn't soaked up the dye as well as the others. And when they are wound and sitting on the table in their set waiting to be labelled, it stands out from the others like a sore thunb.

Each week I will add more Orphans to the page (the Odd Boys will be added when we have some) and keep them hidden until the Thursday night update, so each week you will need to check the page to see what is new in the sale.
The Orphans and Odd Boy skeins will cover our whole range and will all be reduced by £3 a skein, so there will be lots of bargins to be had.

The first batch will be revealed tomorrow night, when the Yarn of the Week page magically transforms into Orphans and Odd Boys.


  1. Angel DK is my all time favourite yarn. If I had the money, (sadly I have no yarn budget at all right now) I would buy it all the time. I am shocked it's not a better seller.

  2. I am so looking forward to the orphan and odd boy sales. I must admit I was one of those who was getting a bit tired of never seeing any Dazzle 4ply in the yarn of the week.


    Eddie's Room on Facebook come over for some crafty ideas and conversation. :-)

  3. Great name replacement. It sounds delightfully like a Victorian Benevolent Society. I look forward to meeting the benighted ones!