Monday, 18 March 2013

Emergency crochet

I haven't posted since February, its not that I don't have anything to say, its just that I'm too busy to say it.
Spring is a very busy time for us, we have 3 show's in a row all within the space of 8 weeks.
Plus all our clubs, wholesale and updating the website.

We are off to Cologne, Germany on wednesday for show number 2, its a trade show so is slightly different to the other 2.
But it means we need 1 skein of each colour way in all the yarns, thats about 170 skeins all dyed seperately, so as you can imagine Dais and I have been dyeing for England.
Last year we had our lollipop tree for the stand which wowed the customers.
I knew we needed something extra special for the stand, but last week I had no idea what and time was running out
The dyeing and update was finished by last friday, so I had 3 day's to come up with something amazing.

Luckily I had already started playing with a new blanket design, which I was going to keep secret for my new triangle book in the summer.
I started playing about a week ago, but hadn't really done much as I have other things I need to do.

Thursday night I made the decision that as I didn't have any other inspiration that I would have to get my secret blanket to a size that could be shown on the stand and big enough to wow the customers.

So I have been crocheting all weekend, and I mean all weekend.
The photo's are all a bit rubbish as they are taken with my iphone.

Friday morning it looked like this

And Saturday morning it looked like this

Saturday night

And last night at about 9.30

I then had to crochet all the little blue filler circles and eventually after crocheting for 16 hours I went to bed at 1 am, I still haven't sewn in the ends, but if I thread them all through onto the back I think I can fake it.
It measures about 30 inches from side to side and when I come home from Germany I will turn it into a bed sized blanket which was my original intention.
The blanket will be velcro'ed on the the stand wall so hopefully no one will notice.
At the moment its wet and blocking in the dyeroom, I hope its dry by tomorrow night as we need to pack it for its debut in Cologne.

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  1. That is stunning! Cent wait for you to publish the pattern. Have fun in Cologne.