Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My new baby - Tinkerbell

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that our "Ted bad poodle" died early in the new year.
I miss him very much, he was my walking partner, but the time has come to try and fill the Ted shaped space.
I'm really excited to announce I have found my new baby.
She's the one with the fat white tummy.

Her name is Tinkerbell.

She is a Whippet/Bedlington Lurcher.
If you search google images HERE you can see what she will probably look like, she's a rough coat so hopefully will look like a small wolf hound.

I've stolen this image from a dog breed site which you can find HERE

Tinkerbell is 6 weeks old so I can't have her until the end of April. I'm so excited and broody, luckily we have 2 shows inbetween now and then so time will fly by.
We will come home from Wonderwool on the sunday evening and on monday morning we will drive to the bottom of Cornwall to pick up Tinkerbell..
Coincidently at the same time last year we were driving to our new life on Exmoor.

Prepare yourselves for lots and lots more puppy photo's in the very near future.
And I will carry on dreaming of my new life with my Tinkerbell, loving and cuddling her and also training her to be a good girl so she can come to work aand meet all our lovely visitors.


  1. So jealous, what a little cutie, can't wait to see more puppy pics.

  2. oh wow - she's cute! My daughter's childminder has a Bedlington/Lurcher cross who is 2 now and he is an absolute sweetheart.