Monday, 22 October 2012

Lovely, lovely Lily

Lovely Lily was named after my Mother.

 I have always made a fuss about my Bessie (my granny) as she was the one I remember making blankets.
But after my Mother died a few years ago my Dad decided to move house.
When he cleared the house he gave me lots of old crochet blankets that he had found stored away.
I realised that these weren't Bessie blankets, they were Lily blankets.
I don't ever remember seeing her knitting or crocheting, maybe that's why I had forgotten that she did so.
She was an seamstress and spent all her time sewing and collecting a huge stash which filled a whole room.
A lot of her fabric was pretty, flowery Laura Ashley, when I designed the Lily motif I had my Lily in mind.

The Lily pattern has always been a hit, it has over 2,000 hearts on Ravelry.
So it was only natural that Lily went into my blanket book.

We photographed her everywhere, my favourite photo's were taken in the West Lyn river. 
We live on one side of the river gorge and Alta Lyn (NDS's home) is on the other side, you can see Alta Lyn from Lynton, although it is a 10 min drive from our house to get there.
Anyway back to the photo's...

It was a beautiful sunny day when we took these photo's, there were quite a few tourists having picnics and enjoying the woods beside the river.
They must of thought we were totally mad.

Phil and I clambering about in the river trying to find suitable rocks to lay blankets on. At one point he stumbled and I thought he and the camera were going to fall in, luckily they didn't.

Then we took Lily down to the harbour wall at Lynmouth to get some detail shot's.
I love these photo's :-)

We sell Dyed to Order Lily Kits in NDS's shop.
But we also have some Lily Starter Kits, which are our featured kit of the week.
The starter kit's contain 500 gms of yarn, which includes 2 full 100gm skeins and 300 gms of mini skeins in varying size.
At this moment in time the kit is reduced to £59.50, its will go back to its full price of £70 on thursday.

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