Monday, 5 June 2017

Getting back to normal

Its been such a long time since my last blog post, life is finally getting back to normal after our big move.
So I thought I'd give you a quick run down of whats been happening before I start regularly blogging again.

April 2017
We spent almost the whole of April packing and moving books to the new house, I spent my weekends in the new garden trying to tame the jungle before we moved in.
You might recognise the old NDS dye baths which have started a new life in the garden, firstly as weeding buckets, then used for bonfire containers and soon to be used for planting veggies

May 2017
We moved on the first of May

Since then we have been working hard to turn our new house into a home.
I am so happy its the first place we've lived in since 2010 when we lost our house that I truly feel is home, it needs completely redecorating, the owners are self employed and are so busy they didn't have the time to decorate, but that's ok because we can make it ours.

Phil has been decorating, he's almost finished the lounge, only another 7 rooms + 2 staircases/landings to do :-)

My favourite room is on the top floor, its not really a room more of a large area on the landing, its become my library and the view from the windows are stunning, The light is beautiful and I spend quite a lot of time surrounded by my books gazing at the garden.
The view from my studio isn't bad either.

My passion is the garden, I spend every spare moment I can enjoying the challenge of making it beautiful. The view from the top terrace is phenomenal, I can see the mountains of South Wales across the Bristol Channel and on a clear day you can even see wind farms up in the hills behind Swansea.

But don't worry I have been crocheting too, I've managed to finish 3 blanket wip's, now all 3 are ready to have their patterns written and be published.

The first one is Zigzag, I'm working on the pattern at the moment, the even better news is that I am working with Deramores to produce a kit.

The second two are Cote de Lynmouth and Marsh Violet, but lots more about them later.


  1. Amanda- Congratulations on your new home and may you be blessed as you settle in, BUT . . . WOW!WOW!WOW!!!!! Those blankets are AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL . . . just so vibrant and lovely!!!!!! I can't wait for the patterns!!! You really are an incredible fibre artist!! Cheers- Darlene

  2. Amazing house! It looks very comfy and cosy. I too like to spend hours gardening.
    But your blankets... wow... they look fabulous!
    Have a great week, Sigrid

  3. You have been busy! Congrats and the blankets are so cool! That zigzag with colors in opposite directions. Wild!

  4. Wow! Guess you're happy things are over now. Isn't it lovely to gently become part of that new house, getting to know it's way, and noises, turning it into a home? I especially love the landing you've turned into a library - great idea!
    Have a lovely time,
    P.S.: Most amazing blankets!!!

  5. So good to know you both are well! I have send you a PB on Facebook Amanda. Granny Amanda. It's lovely to become a granny. Really!
    Jo An