Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Monthly "Buy one, get one free"

Sadly I haven't had time to prepare my Ravelry "Pattern of the week" this week.
I've been busy working on the last few edits of the book and trying to finish the last Exmoor Star's blanket, so I have something new to publish.
So rather than abandoning my pattern collector's completely and disappoint you again I've decided to turn "Pattern of the week" into a monthly "Buy one, get one free" offer.
It means if you are not keen on the weekly pattern or you have already bought it you can still take advantage of the discount.
The discount can be used for all my patterns including the books.
There will be a new code each month, this month's is ....
The code is active now and will run out on the 30th of April, just add 2 patterns to your shopping cart, go to checkout, add the code and you will only be charged for one.

I will post a new code each month, so check in on the first of May to find out May's code

You can find my Ravelry store HERE

Happy crocheting
Love Amanda

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