Wednesday 13 April 2016

Ermintrude - Pattern of the week & pattern editing

This week's Pattern of the Week is my Ermintrude crochet blanket.

Ermintrude has always been one of my favourite blankets, even though its slightly lacy, its also warm and cuddly and I love the way the flowers stick out above the surface.
Ermintrude was sold earlier this year and although I was sad to she her go, I was delighted she was going to a loving new home :-)
You can find the Ermintrude pattern on Ravelry -  HERE

Ermintrude is named after the cow that starred in the BBC children’s television programme The Magic Roundabout in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Ermintrude always had a flower sticking out the side of her mouth; the flowers on my blanket remind me of hers.
Ermintrude measures approx. 70 x 50 ins.
Fyberspates – Scrumptious DK or Vivacious DK (you can find your nearest stockist HERE)
Alternative Yarns
Easyknits – Deeply Wicked DK, Splendour DK. Skein Queen – Desire, Blissful Plum, Voluptuous
John Arbon Textiles - Knit by Numbers, Viola. The Little Grey Sheep - DK - Gotland DK
Cascade - Cascade 220 Sport. Knitpicks - Wool of the Andes. King Cole - Merino Blend DK
Crochet hook size 4.5 mm if you have a loose tension, 5 mm if you have a tight tension
The pattern contains the following…..
Detailed colour and yarn recommendations
Written and charted Motif instructions in UK and US terms.
Full coloured layout chart.

And pattern editing, always pattern editing, endless endless pattern editing.

When I closed NDS a year ago one of the things to do at the top of my to-do list was to re-edit all my crochet patterns to remove NDS and add new yarn recommendations.
A year onwards and I'm not even half way through.
I have 81 published patterns and have only edited about 25 of them, (that doesn't include the 4 books and motif patterns).
The process hasn't been helped by the fact I needed to finish the book and produce new designs at the same time.
I started off doing alternating the patterns between blankets, scarves and shawls, but I didn't seem to be achieveing much, so I've decided to concentrate on blankets first and then move onto scarves or maybe even garments, which are a bit more tricky as I need to re-do all the photo's.
I'm really proud to say I've almost finished editing all the blanket patterns to edit, there are only a couple left (Spyro & Starry Night) I should be able to get them finished by the end of next week, but hopefully a lot sooner.
And then I'm going to edit the 3 blanket patterns that are no longer for sale as they are so old. I wasn't going to edit them, but occasionally someone e-mails to ask where they can buy the pattern, so rather than leave them I've decided they need a re-vamp too.

Happy crocheting
love Amanda - off to edit more patterns :-)

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