Tuesday, 3 February 2015

NDS's Mothballing timetable

Oooops - I've just realised that I haven't actually shared any of our NDS plans with you.
Firstly I need to let you know we have removed all the blanket kits from the website, during January we had orders for 40 kits and so have a huge kit dyeing backlog, so I'm afraid the only yarn available will either be at Unravel or from the website updates.

So here is the timetable as it stands at the moment.

Feb 2015

Thursday the 5th - Website Update - 10 kgs
Thursday the 12th - Website Update - 15 kgs
Fri/Sat/Sun 20th/21st/22nd - UNRAVEL - NDS's very last show
All being well we will have about 50 kgs of yarn, although we've just looked at the calender and realised that the show is 2 weeks away and not 3, and we haven't even started dyeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday the 26th - Website Update - Unravel leftovers

March 2015

Thursday the 5th  - Website Update (maybe...... Dais is on holiday so I'll be doing all the dyeing, winding etc on my own) - 20 kgs
Thursday the 12th - Website Update - 20 kgs
 Thursday the 19th - Website Update - 20 kgs
Thursday the 26th - Website Update - ???? kgs -  who knows how many, we'll find out when we start dyeing, this last update might be delayed until the following week, but don't worry we'll keep you posted.

April 2015 - onwards........

The website will be closed for good and I will move any stock we have left into my Etsy shop which you can find HERE

I am planning to carry on dyeing yarn for pleasure, but it will be in very small quantities as I'll be dyeing in my cellar and won't have the facilities or time to dye more than a couple of kgs a month.
The main reason I plan to keep my hand in a few dye baths is because I want to carry on using it, plus I am hoping to do Yarndale as a designer and will need to build a small amount of yarn to sell to cover show costs.
If there is leftover yarn I will add it to the Etsy shop.
I can't imagine my life without ever dyeing again, creating the perfect colour is so satisfying and gives me so much happiness :-)

Mailing List
I will close my Mailchimp account at the beginning of April so there won't be any more update mails.
If you want to continue following me, my designs and any news I have about shows and yarn you can do so in the following places...........
HERE - This is the place I will be posting all my news, the other sites are for general day to day.
If you want to keep up to date with all my news you can follow the blog, the link is in the sidebar.
My Instagram account - QUEENIEAMANDA2
Instagram is my preferred social networking site as I use it as a photo diary, however as it feeds twitter and Facebook you can find my Instagram posts on them as well.

My Twitter account - QUEENIEAMANDA

Unfortunately I won't have time to update any of the NDS social networking accounts, so they will probably fade away without my attention.

I think that's all for now, although I'm sure there's lots more I need to tell you.


  1. How do i sign up as a blog follower?

    1. Hi

      You can find the sign-up at the top of both the side coloumns on this page.
      I have moved them both to the top, so they are easier to find.