Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What I've been doing this week

I've had a very busy week playing at being a Graphic Designer and I am really smug and happy with the way my design work has turned out :-)

Its for next year's crochet blanket club, I know it seems really early, but we are going to send all the wool out in January, so all the members will need to be fully paid up by then and we want everyone to have a chance of being able to pay for it.
I've already added it to the site and made an information page - HERE
We'll be opening the club membership sign-ups during the first week of July 2014

Here is my Graphic Designer work

I've also been a incredibly bionic crocheter and will have made the whole of Book Blanket NO 3 in 2 weeks.
That is if my plan works and I finish it tonight or tomorrow.
I've decided I love DK and can't wait to start Book Blanket NO 4 which is also DK.
I think NO 4 will take a bit longer than 2 weeks, but if I can finish it by Woolfest I will have caught up with myself and be ahead of schedule rather than behind which is what I have been all year.

And here's the sneaky peak, the photo reveals a bit more than the previous 2 blankets photo's, but I don't think it hurts to give you a "bit more" from time to time :-)

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