Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Identities and blogs

I've just resurrected the Dye Studio Diary blog.

The main reason is I am writing/designing a crochet blanket book and need to separate my identity from the day to day workings of NDS.

I've always just been a designer in the background who designs for NDS to help sell yarn, but my book means I have to start thinking about myself as a designer who has her own identity, as I will need to do lots of marketing for it.
All the designers I know are designers who design under their own names and so have blogs and facebook pages and are known for who they are and what they do.
I feel a bit embarrassed about being "Amanda Perkins - Crochet Blanket Designer"
I feel like I'm puffing up my pants and saying "look at me, look at me" the whole time, although I already do it already for NDS without any worry.

Yesterday I started a Facebook page for "Amanda Perkins - Crochet Blanket Designer"
I told the NDS page I was doing it and overnight gained 169 likes, which has given me a lot of confidence.
I've always thought that our "likes" were from knitters who suffer the crochet while waiting for the wool posts to appear, guess I was wrong.

Another reason for becoming myself is the changes we are making at NDS, but you'll have to read DYE STUDIO DIARY to find out what they are :-)

I have copied and pasted part of the post, but I thought I'd add a bit more here, not much, but a bit :-)

The bit more is this photo of the Ariana Scarf on top of a pile of blankets all waiting to be photographed.
The pile includes book blanket's NO1 and NO2, the finished Kaleidoscope club blanket and Supernova.
As soon as we get a lovely sunny day I will photograph and publish Ariana and Supernova.

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