Thursday, 19 September 2013

Shows and lack of wool

As we've finally finished dyeing our 200+ kgs for Yarndale and Ally Pally we still have another 20 kgs to do but, after 200kgs, 20 seems like child's play.
And I've finally got a few moments to blog about the shows.

As we have been concentrating on dyeing for the shows we haven't had much yarn to dye for our regular weekly updates, this means our website is looking a little bit bare.
I'll be updating the site tonight and yet again I only have a couple of kgs to add.

Including this which is 2 skeins of very dark indigo Godiva HT, there are only 2 skeins as I dyed it especially for the secret blanket design I am working on.
As its very dark indigo I expected to get very blue hands while crocheting, but so far I've used 2 skeins and it is no where near as bad as I thought.

And this Angelus logwood, there were 5 skeins in the same lot, but 2 of them are far more variagated, so I have listed them seperately. These are the 2 variagated and have dark streaks in them which isn't showing up in the photo - grrrr

The update will be HERE tonight at 7 pm UK time.

Now for the show news.
Next weekend we will be at YARNDALE in Skipton, Yorkshire, its a brand new show so will be really interesting going to a new place and meeting new people and hopefully a lot of our existing customers.
We are taking nearly all our yarns to Yarndale, + the new book, + kits + mini skeins etc etc

Then we have a 10 day break (dyeing the extra 20 kgs) until The Knitting & Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace
Ally Pally (as it is known in the wool world) is the biggest UK show, 4 days and what feels like a million people to chat to.
We haven't done it for 6 years and so are quite anxious about how it will go, especially as I have decided to do something totally different for our stand.
I am going as a designer, rather than going as a yarn supplier, so our whole stand is built around my new book MADDER TRIANGLES, with a few of our knitting patterns, because knitters need to be pampered too.
As the stand is based around the book we are only taking 5 yarns - this is the bit I am anxious about.
I know we will have lots of people asking for yarns we left at home, that's why I am warning you now :-)

The yarns are..
DAZZLE 4 ply/Sock
DAZZLE HT 4 ply/Sock
DAZZLING 2 ply Lace
And GODIVA HT 4ply?sock

You might notice a British woolly theme, but they are all used in the book, we've been dyeing some amazing new colours and hopefully they will go down really well, I'm particularly pleased of Berry Castle, which I'm afraid I don't have any photo's of, if it sells well I'll be dyeing more, if it don't there will be some on the website late in October.
Plus we are taking mini skeins, rainbow Collections, kits, books, hooks etc etc etc

And finally here is the only sneaky peak you are going to get of the KALEIDOSCOPE BLANKET CLUB, that is unless you join the club and watch your own blanket grow :-)

It's the centre 6 motif's, only another 660 to go!


  1. I'm so excited you'll be at Ally Pally. I'll be there on the Friday and hope to see your stand.

  2. I'm at Yarndale too, I did see your stand at Woolfest, but we were rushed off our feet too, and every time I went past, usually on a cup of tea run you weren't about.

    Hope to see you next week.

  3. Good to meet you at Ally Pally. Your work is beautiful!