Monday, 18 February 2013


We've or rather I have been silent for a few day's, don't worry we haven't disapeared we are still here, but we are still up to our necks in wool preparing for Unravel next weekend.

As you might have already realised Maisy Mae my number 2 dyer (and daughter) was away on holiday for 2 weeks, stupidly when she asked for time off we said, that's fine have a lovely time, we'll see you when you get back.

She'd sorted out all the clubs, but as the wool hadn't been dyed they couldn't be packed.
We are nearly 200 club member's, so as you can imagine managing the clubs themselves are almost a full time job.
So not only did I have 10 days to dye 80 kgs of wool  for the show, I also had 15 kgs to dye to finish off February's clubs.
I managed to do all the dyeing in 9 day's.
Towards the end I was so exhausted that when I went home all I could do was crash and sleep.
A couple of day's I went home in tears as I was so tired I didn't know what to do with myself.
I finished the dyeing on Thursday last week and it has taken me 3 day's to recover.

This is what the dyeroom looked like on the last day. The photo shows 32 kgs of wet wool.

Once the wool was dyed it needed to be dried and wound.
Our spare bedroom/study is almost packed to the ceiling and some where in the massive pile is Phil with a set of wool winder's winding skeins for England or rather Unravel.

Today is the first day back at work for Daisy and we are trying to work in an office full of wet wool, luckily its the last lot, we have our oil radiator on full and several drying racks.
The office feels like its a million degree's and I really think we are cooking our brains, trying to label, sort out kits and patterns.
Its all very blurry and confused, there is lots of tea making and giggling going on, I really hope we aren't making too many mistakes.......


  1. I'm looking forward to Unravel this weekend!

  2. I wonder how a dehumidifier would work in helping to dry : )