Tuesday, 6 November 2012

And the winner of The sneakiest place to hide my stash" is...

This blog post is written by Phil - my husband and the judge of "The sneakiest place to hide my stash" competition...

Well ladies you have surpassed yourselves here!!
52 comments and some that really made me laugh....

The single criteria for me, as a husband and putting myself in the shoes of the men in your lives, was where would I never look?
I have to say that I come from a generation where a lot of men are more domesticated than their fathers, who thought nothing of sitting reading the paper in their comfy arm chair whilst their hard working wife ran around doing everything....goes back to the days when men were the sole bread-winners and women tended to keep house.  Today of course this has changed dramatically with great leaps in equality in the workplace and I know several men who's wives went back to work after childbirth and left the husband to run the house.
So for this reason my choice is based on sheer cheek and family collaboration - being a dad I know how difficult it is to get your kids to keep a secret, so hats off to our winner who colluded with her eldest son to find ideal spots in his room to hide yarn...and whilst the modern dad is many things he's not up for cleaning his kids bedrooms!! (that remains the responsibility of the child, and involves much bribery!)

So the winner is:

vicarno's mama
Please drop me an email at dyestudio@hotmail.com and let me know what you'd like as your prize from the website.

Just remains to thank everyone for taking part - and I leave you with this little gem - I was told by a customer  once at a show that she had actually purchased a separate flat to store her yarn in, so I guess that's about as extreme as it gets!

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