Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Drops Alpaca Colour Pack's & Bertie Update

As you might of guessed by now I have a lot of yarn, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 
I try and keep it in order of the colour wheel as the colour wheel is my main palette

So you can imagine I was delighted when I was invited to create a yarn pack for Dermores
I've chosen Drops Alpaca as its my favourite budget yarn. Its soft, crochets beautifully, comes in a range of beautiful colours and is amazingly good value. 

The colour wheel pack is perfect as blanket starter collection, I chosen colours that I love, use and go well together. You can find it in my shop on Deramores - Here

If you've already got some of the colours or just want to buy them one at a time, this is the list of colours in the pack.

Goldenrod - 2923
Dark lime - 2916
Olive Mix - 7233
Dark olive mix - 7238
Dark turquoise - 2918
Teal - 2919
Dark blue - 6790
Purple violet 4434
Dark Pink - 3770
Pink - 2921
Deep pink - 2922
Orange - 2915

I have to admit I've got rather a lot of it and use it all the time, I like to make up my own shade cards just to keep track of which colours I've used in case I need to buy some more for a blanket or rather what I've already got in my collection so I don't duplicate when I go on a yarn spending spree.

Albert update
Life is not really back to normal, I didn't realise how much a tiny grandbaby would disrupt our lives.....
At the moment we have a constant stream of family members coming to stay with us so they can meet the newest member.
Plus Dais had to have an emergency c-section so needs constant attention to stop her doing too much too soon, so I'm spending quite a lot of time with her cuddling Bertie :-)

Here he is with his Grandpa and Mummy enjoying the warm Exmoor sun on Sunday.

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