Friday 4 August 2017

Wigglytuff's Star Mobile

You may have heard me mention that I'm going to be a Grandma for the first time in the very near future.
The bump is called Wigglytuff and named after a Pokemon character.
I'm very honoured and lucky to have been able to watch Wigglytuff grow every day and watch & feel it when it wiggles in its mummy's womb.
If its on time in just under 4 weeks I will get to meet it in person, so as you can imagine I have been crocheting in the background like a mad woman, trying to make some special secret things to welcome it into the world.
This mobile is the first thing, I can show you now, as I gave it to Adam and Daisy last night, they are decorating the nursery at the moment so the mobile needs to be in place ready and waiting.

Making a mobile is a huge step away from a blanket and I had to work it out as I went along, so the pattern was a challenge.
Its made with 6 padded stars, each with a bell on the end, hanging from a metal ring.
There were so many steps that I had to work out, so rather than write pages and pages of what I've done, I've added step by step photo's as well.

I've enjoyed making the mobile so much, that I suspect there will be more Wigglytuff designs to come.... :-)

You can find the pattern on Ravelry - HERE
And Etsy - HERE

Happy crocheting
Love Amanda

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  1. That is gorgeous!!! Really, really love the colours and stars! I think you can't wait untill your grandchild is finally there :-) Congrats ;-)