Thursday, 1 December 2016

Happy Christmas "Buy 1 get, 1 free" offer.

As its the 1st of December I thought I'd offer you a discount code, so you have plenty of crochet to keep you busy over Christmas.

Use the code in my Ravelry store, add two patterns to your cart, add the following code at checkout and you will only have to pay for one. The offer includes all my patterns, including the books.
The code is Christmas2016 and you can find my Ravelry store HERE
The offer will run from now until January 1st 2017.

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  1. Amanda, just purchased your book and I'm in love! I can't understand how I've not found you before as I've been a quilter for years, was a member of an art quilt group for several years and have been dyeing fabric and fibres for ages! Amazing I missed any mention of you (And I'm sure there must have been lots!) I'm relatively new to crochet so have stuck to blankets and (sorry ) cheapish yarn. Though I do OF COURSE buy beautiful yarn at shows just to have them to look at and stroke. Yeah, I know. My heart literally skipped when I opened the book which arrived a couple of hours ago - I left an Amazon review before I'd even finished reading it! SO MUCH to love, and the blankets are fabulous. You have persuaded me that I need to buy some beautiful yarn and make a blanket worthy of becoming an heirloom. I would do this for quilts - only use the best materials - time I did the same for my crochet. Love the ease of your instructions too. And you will lead me through slightly more complex motifs than I have attempted so far. I would LOVE to tell my blog readers about you and the book - may I use your photographs? With full credit naturally. And if the answer's no then rest assured I shan't do it. I'm on which is less textile than yarn and food and music and family these days, it's not a well known blog. Anyway, whatever the answer - thanks for a fantastic book. And hope the next one is about shawls….. maybe?