Monday, 4 July 2016

Where to pre-order Rainbow Crocheted Blankets

Since my last blog post about pre-ordering my new book Rainbow Crocheted Blankets in my Etsy shop I have had a lot of messages and e-mails from international crocheters asking where they can pre order a copy.

Originally the Etsy listing was only for UK customers.
However on request I have added some extra shipping destinations to my Etsy pre-order listing.
If you buy from me rather than Amazon you will receive a signed copy of the book.

There are 2 versions of the book - UK and US crochet terms, you can find both of them in the following places

The UK crochet terms version of the book is available myself on Etsy HERE
or on - HERE
Estimated publishing date - 31st of October 2016

The US crochet terms version of the book is on - HERE
Estimated publishing date - 8th of November 2016

You can also order in Australia, but you will need to e-mail the publishers to find out more details, the e-mail address is


  1. Hi Amanda, does this book contain new patterns, or ones you've already published? I've already bought 3 of your designs , which I love!

    1. Hi Trish
      The book contains 10 new blanket patterns, that have never been published (or seen) before and will only ever be available in the book :-)

    2. Thanks Amanda, that's great! I live in France and I've pre-ordered it on French Amazon with no problem. Can't wait! :)

  2. Amanda, The US version is the same, just different cover and US measurements? Thanks, I'm new to crochet and can't wait to get this book!

    1. Yes - That's right, they are both the same book, but the US one has a different cover and is in US terms. :-)