Monday, 2 November 2015

Zodiac published

I've talked about this blanket for so long, if you go back through this blog you can find several previous Zodiac posts
And today is the day I finally publish it - YAY!!!
You can find it on Etsy - HERE
And Ravelry - HERE

I designed the Zodiac for a NDS blanket club about 18 months ago.
It took 6 months to design as the layout was so complex, I had to work out how the Zodiac constellations would fit together in the right order and then calculate yarn quantities and colours so NDS could dye 16 full skeins of yarn.
It doesn't sound like much but it was weeks and weeks of maths tweaking colours here and there to make sure they were used evenly.

So here it is.....

Exmoor is a designated international dark sky reserve; the reserves are classified as public or private areas that possess an exceptional quality of starry nights.
The layout of the Zodiac constellations were a perfect illustration of the stars you might see on a moorland dark night.
The blanket contains all 12 constellations in the right placement order, however they may seem backwards, but this is due to the earth revolving in an anti-clockwise direction.

The two motif patterns are both fairly simple, they only the basic stitch's, they are only a couple of steps more advanced from the traditional granny square.
The pattern includes step by step layout charts, and a colour key for each constellation , all of this hopefully should make it reasonably simple for you to follow.

Love Amanda

P.S - The photo's are a little bit dark, one day I will manage to get some perfect blanket photos.....sigh....

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