Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blanket Book Update September 2014

I've been busily working on my new blanket book blankets behind the scenes and I thought it would be nice to do a progress update on the blog.
So far I've finished 5, I only need to do another 2 this year to be on track for the deadline.
But I haven't really started writing the patterns yet, I'm hoping to get them done over the autumn.

So here are the blankets carefully photographed so you aren't able to see them fully.
The book has a theme that covers all the blankets in the book,
There are 7 sections in the book, 2 blankets per section, each blanket has its own inspiration, but each section has a inspiration and basic design which covers both blankets....hope this makes sense...

I think there are clues to the overall theme in these photo's, I wonder if you can work it out.......

Blanket 1

King Sized, made in Godiva HT 4 Ply

Blanket 2
Sister to blanket 1

Lap Blanket made with Primavera DK

Blanket 3
Lap Blanket made with Godiva Silk 4 Ply

Blanket 4
Sister to blanket 3

Single Bed Blanket made with Primavera DK

Blanket 5

Lap blanket, made in Phoenix/Dazzling 4 Ply

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