Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Busy, busy, busy .....

And I've just realised I haven't blogged for a few week's.
So here's a list of the reasons why.

1 - Fibre East
Its the first time we've done the Fibre East show, so are very excited about going back east.
Especially as we're planning to incorporate a visit to our family on the way home.
Hopefully we'll some faces from the past at the show, we've dyed lots of lovely wool and I've just spent the morning packing Rainbow skein collections and kits.
It's also the d├ębut of Kissing Circles, which is item 2 on my list.

2 - Kissing Circles
Not content with having 10 blankets left to make for the book and a club blanket, I also decided I needed to do a quick design for NDS.
I started on my birthday mid June and finished a week ago, so it took about 4 weeks.
Soon after I started Valerie warned me circles were very difficult to join and so maybe it wasn't a good idea to do a circle blanket.
So I set out to prove her wrong, not that she didn't have a very good point I just like to challenge the impossible :-)

And here it is.........
The pattern is on Ravelry - HERE and I'll be adding a kit to the website later today.

3 - The Zodiac Club

The Zodiac club blanket has taken an unbelievable amount of time to design and plan.
The original idea seemed simple, I wanted to design a blanket that had all the Zodiac star's on it 
But when it came to arranging all the star sign constellations in the right order and into a pattern that look right, I realised I had created a monster. 
Plus it has involved a huge amount of maths, which the poor long suffering Valerie lead me through by the hand and I think we have it all right.
Now all I need to do is chop the design into month size pieces and make the blanket.
The sign-ups are on-line now and you can find them HERE

And just in case there are any knitter's out there who would love to join the club but can't crochet.
I'd like to secretly hint that there is frantic designing going on behind the scene's, that you might be interested in, so watch this space ;-)

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