Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Book - Blanket no 2, post 1

You might remember I promised to share photo's and stories from my future book as I go along.

As a designer I find it really difficult not to show you everything I do and 2 years is a really long time for me to keep my blankets secret, but I (and my publishers) want this book to be something new and exciting and unseen.
I want to share because I am really excited with what I am doing, sometimes it might seem like the only reason I want to share photo's is for you to tell me how wonderful I am, but thats not the reason.
I share as your reactions help me gauge how good a design is.
If no one comments it normally means you don't like it and I need to re-think what I'm doing, if there are lots of good comments it means I've got it right and I can carry on in the direction I am going.

For example no one loved the Rising Sun, you loved this photo as it tells the story of Daisy finally finding her man and happiness, but you didn't comment or "love" the blanket on its own.
I really loved it and didn't understand why you didn't too, but thats ok as your reaction told me that complex blended colour was the wrong direction, or maybe the photo's were a bit rubbish or maybe you just don't like orange.
You want all the colours of the rainbow in the same place at the same time, which is fine because so do I.

Anyway back to number 2
I've started number 1 and done about 1/4, but while working on my sketch book of designs I became besotted by number 2, I've learnt that when I feel like this I need to go with the flow, so I'm working on number 2 three designing days a week, my fourth designing day is Kaleidoscope day.
Number 2 is going to be big, much bigger than I planned, but thats fine because some of you (including me) have big beds :-)
To start work on number 2 I needed to master crocheting a flat circle, I spent days and days trying to do it, I must of read every flat crochet circle blog post and tutorial on the internet.
I came across several blogs that said once you can do a flat circle you can call yourself a crocheter, quite obviously I wasn't!!
Finally after a frustrating week of wobbles and frogging I managed it, all I needed to do was tweak a couple of numbers, but only after one of the tutorials said the numbers weren't set in stone - DOH stupid me!!

So now I can crochet flat circles I have a lot of crochet time I need to catch up with.
Stupidly I've decided to go back to Instagram, I signed up ages ago and didn't really use it, but have decided I quite like it now and so am planning to photograph tiny pieces of my blanket wips and post them on Instagram.
If you want to follow me I am queenieamanda2 and you can find me HERE

And here is the first photo some of my flat(ish) crochet circles for blanket no2, there is another one of frogging on Instagram, but I can't work out how to save it, and I stupidly deleted it off my phone.
I might take some more over the next few days, but don't expect to see anything that will look like a blanket, let alone a finished blanket.


  1. I like your storey! And I am very curious about your new blankets as well.

  2. Uauuuuu it's absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

    Anna from Barcelona

  3. I love that rising sun blanket - looks fabulous!

  4. I LOVE this blanket but boy does it look complicated!!!