Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Backbone of a book (Waiting for the Woolfest)

We're off to the Woolfest tomorrow.
We've spent the last week dyeing Woolfest wool and now Phil is winding like mad trying to get it all ready in time.
Dais and I are labeling and wandering around trying to work out what we need.
The last few weeks have been very busy and chaotic.
I keep thinking that once we have finished dyeing for the show and wholesale and clubs things will get back to normal, but I'm beginning to realise that chaos is normal.
So having a few hours to dither is a luxury.

 While I've been dithering I've been photographing wips for the new book, I've been posting them on twitter and facebook.
And so thought I would do a blog post about the book and project wips.

The book will have 5 design sections with 2 projects in each section.
So here is the backbone of "Madder Triangles"

Semi Random - needs new name

Lecchi Blanket - Finished

Plankton Scarf  - WIP


Un-named blanket - WIP

Isabella Scarf - Finished


Florence Blanket - Finished and given to baby Florence

Myrtle Blanket  - WIP which I am making as a Florence variation to exhibit on the stand at show's.

Star Scarf - not designed yet.


Spyro Blanket - Finished

Spiral shawl - not designed yet


Icarus Shawl - Finished 
 Designed for my project club, the members haven't recieved the last pattern installment yet, so you only get a very tiny peak.

Serefina Shawl - Finished
 It's a lace variation of the first one and has lots more colours, as its very similar to the club shawl you can only see a tiny bit of this one too.

I can already feel the RSI creeping in....sigh.......

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