Monday, 31 December 2012

First NDS update of 2013

I was going to write a blog post about our new NDS Cluedo type game, but then I decided to cut and paste our newsletter as I'm feeling very lazy today.
Obviously conserving energy for tonight's marathon pub crawl.
I've decided to drive rather than drink as our final destination is the Rising Sun in Lynmouth at the bottom of the hill.
I don't want to start of 2013 in an ambulance due to climbing 500 feet at 1 am to get back home.
Lynton's taxi driver is having a few day's off over new year and so we have no taxi service in the area until the 5th of January :-)

New Year's Day 2013 Update

Dear All

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customer's for tonight.
We hope you have a lovely night with lots of fireworks.
And HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Customers "down under"
We hope you had a lovely evening :-)

We have done a lot of brainstorming over christmas and come up with some exciting new idea's for 2013.
We have decided to make 2013 a NDS year full of murder and mystery to run along side our "Murder on the Moor Yarn Club".
The first is NDS version of Cluedo, which will run all year.
There will be a prize each month which will be 100gms of mini skeins and one 100 gm skein of our choosing.
There are at least 4 weekly updates each month, you will find the clue in one of the descriptions of the newly updated yarn.
This means you will need to read all the yarn descriptions to find the answer.
The first week in the month will be the name of the murderer, the second week will be the weapon used and the third week will be the location of the murder.
During the fourth update week you will need to place an order with NDS, simply e-mail us with your answer and order number, there is no minimum order amount which means you can enter regardless of whether you buy a pattern or yearly club
The winner will be the first e-mail we receive with the 3 correct answers.

So onto tomorrow's update.
We have the last remaining Great British Wool Club wool, which is British Alpaca/Exmoor Blueface.

Both dyed

And naked

Plus some odds and ends including Withypool Angelus

Don't forget our free postage offer ends tonight.

And you have 24 hours left to sign up for the yearly and quarterly 2013 clubs. Sign ups for the April to June quarter and February's clubs will open tomorrow subject to Phil's hangover :-)

You can find all 2013 clubs HERE

Tomorrow's update preview HERE on Flickr.
There isn't a yarn of the week this coming week, instead of which we will have a mini 30% sale which 
you will be able to find it HERE at 7 pm (uk time) tomorrow.
You will be able to find all the updated wool and the first cluedo clue in our New this Week section.

Happy Knitting and crocheting
Amanda, Phil and Daisy

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